The Eden Allure Affiliate Program team is here to support you with the tools you need to be a successful affiliate.

If you have just registered

Please be patient while our team approves your affiliate application. Because of potential automatic registration spam, we have to do check each application manually and it could take up to a day. You will receive an email when your application is approved.

Access your Affiliate Links and Banners

To access your affiliate link, just log into your Eden Allure account. You will find your affiliate links in the right menu. You can copy and paste your links or banners onto your website, blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Ways to Potentially Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

There are many factors that can impact your potential revenue from the Eden Allure Affiliate program. Perhaps the most important factor is the number of unique visitors that your site receives. YouTube channels and sites with a larger number of unique visitors, will inherently have a better chance of generating more revenue.

Traffic aside, there are some things that you can do that may positively impact the click through to the Eden Allure website and your revenue.

  • Display Ads Prominently Placing ads in highly visible parts of your Youtube page or website will yield the highest potential. Studies have shown that the following areas of a page are most visible (they are the first things the people look at). In order of preference:
    • The upper left-hand part of a page is statistically where a persons eye goes first on a page
    • The middle top and upper right hand part of the page
    • Visible without scrolling in a left hand side-bar
    • Visible without scrolling in a right hand side-bar
    • Visible without scrolling in the middle body of a page
  • Make Videos Display Ads On Popular Pages Including Eden Allure Moroccan Argan oil in skin or hair tutorials on a regular basis, and hosting contests(which we will sponsor) will help drive potential customers to the website for sales. Similarly, ads placed on highly trafficked pages have more potential. The rules outlined above for on-page placement still apply for popular pages on your website.
  • Use Links Within Text

When doing a video or writing about Eden Allure, placing a text link or creating your own text link in the body of what you are writing or the homepage of your video will increase the chances of click through as well.

Obviously you will want to strike the appropriate balance between advertising and content that is interesting and useful to your site's visitors. Following some of these pointers when you do place Eden Allure ads on the pages of your Youtube channel or website, can help to maximize your potential revenue.

For more more tips on increasing your revenue you can contact us at support@edenallure.com.

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For any questions regarding your affiliate account, commission payments or general questions, please e-mail us at support@edenallure.com.

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